Trials and tribulations 

So I’ve had to take the last few days off work again due to being chronically tired. Most mornings I’ve rung work, gone back to sleep and only woken up around lunchtime. 

As well as type 2 diabetes, I am also currently suffering a vitamin D deficiency, which according to my doctor has a count of “less than 10”, with a low count normally being about 30. 

As well as this, I suffer with depression, which can also lead to fatigue, which I’ve had for about 30 years but only started taking medication for under a year ago. 

Basically as well as being constantly sleepy, (I literally just yawned while writing that sentence,) I feel weak and lethargic, like I’ve just finished doing an intense workout session. You know, when your arms and legs feel weak and drained? Like that. Constantly. 

On the positive side, the changes I’ve made, along with the medication, means that at a recent checkup, my blood sugar level had come down from 70 to 55, which considering that the goal is 50-54 & this is just over the course of a month, is cause for celebration – if only I had the energy to actually celebrate!

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